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Performance Tip No 7 - Nerves

I recently ran a performance workshop at the Guildford Banjo Jambouree. First non-instrumental workshop I think they have had. Ended up with a pretty good turnout of around 20 interested folk. Although not strictly the topic of the workshop we did have a discussion about being nervous about performing. The nub of the reason was that most people were nervous because they were going to put themselves up there to be judged by others. When you really think about it its kind of Zen because the reason most people get on stage, if they are truly honest with themselves, is so they will be judged (and judged favourably). After the room thought about this a bit the lights came on. They were nervous about being judged but that's why they were doing it. So when all is said and done why get nervous about something that you are actively wanting to do? You should be prepared - to minimise you chances of stuffing up. But you can still stuff up. But being nervous about stuffing up will become a self fulfilling prophecy. Trust me on this. If you are not prepared enough then you can't do anything about that either. All you can do in either case is release the knot, unclench and get out there and enjoy yourself. Ultimately if you are the audience will too.

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