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Song Writers Tip No. 3

Someone said to me recently that they started writing their own songs because they couldn't relate to performing other people's. I thought about that for a while. If you are happy to just write for youself, this stance has some validity. If you are performing the works for an audience, I think the stance is flawed. As a performer, there really should be at least some other writer's work that you can connect with. As a song writer, I think the greatest compliment you can get is that someone else wants to perform you work. The other great compliment is for you to perform it and have people ask who wrote it because they connected with it and want to know its story. To effectively deny any connection with any other song writer's material and expect other people to connect with yours is a very arrogant position to take. You are expecting them to do with your songs what you fail to or refuse to do with any one elses. The enduring songwriters write for themselves and for other people. The enduring songs have been performed by many, many artists and frequently by other song writers. Are you really writing songs or are you using music as a form of emotional therapy?

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