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Performance Tip No 3

At one of the recent workshops it was interesting that some folk refused to acknowledge that one of the primary reasons anyone gets on stage to perform is to get positive acknowlegement. You may have altruistic motives such as spreading the word about a particular cause, or music style but lots of other people can do the same so why you? Then a few days ago a friend who had 3 gigs in a row with their mainly for fun little unit. Two were great and the third was a disaster. When I asked why, the answer wasn't that they played like shit, it was that there was no-one there. I remember some of those. It is incredibly hard to play to a virtually non-existant audience. It is much harder to do than to play to a drunken football club or pub full of yobbos because in general you can find some connection. With no audience there is no connection and you are performing in a vacuum. That's when it really hits home that an audience is an essential part of a performance and you need to acknowledge that.

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