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Red Dog - Track List

  1. Another String In My Bow : this was written basically as a variation on the theme of guys putting another notch on their bedposts.  Bluegrass is a very male dominated musical form so this was a bit of a joke in reply

  2. Red Dog Blues : I wrote this in the car on the way home from a friends 30th.  It had been a typical musical session night and I tend to get creative after those.  The original red dog is my pomeranian King.  It wasn't until some time after I wrote the song I heard about the Red Dog movie.

  3. I'm Steppin' Out : Just reminds me of a country dance with blokes in boots bounding around for some reason.  Just a simple little feel good toe tapper.

  4. Howlin' at the Moon : Written after some particularly good, late night sing whatever we have left sessions at the Fiddler's convention.  For all the die hard sessioners.

  5. Pack Your Backs : Not really for the grey nomads but a song about living your life

  6. Moonlit Road : Well a bit dark & wierd but based on a dream I had one night.  What can I say?

  7. Movin' On : For some of my free spirited friends

  8. Calling me Home : An old timey gospel style waltz about the legacy and enduring power of music.

  9. Jealous Kind : A swingy little behave yourself number

  10. Ghost Train : Written after a gig with two other song writers when I realised there were no songs about ghost trains.

  11. Bonus Track - Sweet Revenge : A bonus track because it was tacked on and not done with the band. Just me and the uke.  I picked up a uke at the Fiddler's convention and fell in love.  I had always resisted.  I then decided I needed to write a whimsical little ukulele number about lagoons etc.  It sort of morphed into a satirical journey into the mind of a rather warped individual.  It's a bit of a laugh though.


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