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Performance Workshop Series 2015

Last Saturday of the Month 2:30 - 5pm Beav's Bar Little Malop Street Geelong.  Running March to October
Starting Saturday 28th of March
Cost $15 per session


These will be interactive peformance workshops and participants will be encouraged to perform and provide constructive feedback to other participants.  The general format will be:


1/2hr - 3/4 hour on a specific performance aspect

1ish  hour for 2- 3 individual performances after each will be a feedback and discussion session

Wind up discussion and planning for future session topics and performances.


The first aspects covered in the opening sessions will be based on the responses from the workshop held last November and at Newstead Live this year:

- Preparation - planning sets, remembering lyrics, tying sets together

- Presentation - adding light and shade to individual items with arrangements,

- Microhone techniques and understanding PA systems and sound people


Other topics will be present as the series continues however I hope that some will be contributed by the participants.


The sessions are open to individuals, duos, trios and bands.  

Beginners and more experienced performers are welcome.  We all have our bogeymen when it comes to performing.


I am intending to organise a concert in November to showcase the workshop members.


If you are interested please go to my Contact page. 



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