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Performance & Stagecraft Workshops

The workshop can be presented in one or two sessions.  As a single session it is basically a theoretical session with practical demonstration and anecdotal example.  As a double session, the first session covers the single session material and introduces the participants to a common performance piece.  They may then either as soloists or ensembles practice and arrange that piece for performance as part of the second session to demonstrate their understanding and realization of the theory. 

Workshop 1 Synoposis

Not every topic will be covered in depth – that will depend on the audience on the day and where their interests lie.


Main Topics

  • Respecting Your Audience

  • Bringing the Audience Along For the Ride

  • Song Choice

  • Telling the Story - Know Your Stuff

  • Telling the Story - Make it Yours

  • Working Within Your Limitations

  • Traps for Young Players

Private Stagecraft Coaching

I am available for individual coaching sessions for acoustic musicians in the Geelong regional area.  Coaching is tailored to the level of experience and needs of the individual or group.  Contact me via e-mail to discuss.

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