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This is my first original release.  All original songs - available November 10th 2014 - Red Dog Blues is the title track


Red Dog Blues - Annie McGlade & Red Dog
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Three Bags Full was a four piece vocal harmony group featuring Meg MacDonald, Helen Wright (now McKenzie), Kelley Johnston and myself.  The album It contains a mix of traditional and original songs by Helen and the Lawson Patterson winner Stand Up.  Also a rearrangement of Sinner Man with new lyrics by me.  Recorded in 1992.

Stand Up - Three Bags Full
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Twankydillo was a three piece vocal harmony group who had a hell of a good time and produced some great music.  Meg MacDonald, Lis Johnston and myself fitted together so well.  Short lived due to Lis' untimely death, Twankydillo is still remembered in the traditional music scene and played on folk radio.  Let Her Go Down was written by Peter Knight and recorded by Steeleye Span in 1984.  It means a lot to me.  Shadow Dreaming was my attempt to write in a traditional folk style.

Let Her Go Down - Twankydillo
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Shadow Dreaming - Twankydillo
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