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Annie McGlade

Annie is not your average singer guitarist.  As a soloist and band member she has entertained at numerous festivals large and small around the southern states including the National, Port Fairy, Maldon and other folk festivals over the years.  She has sung Jazz in New Orleans, traditional folk all over the place; blues, country calypso, bluegrass and old timey any where she can.  Her musical influences are heavily in the blues and old time bluegrass areas these days and most of her original material sits in these genres.  Annie McGlade is a musician with an eclectic style that blends modern acoustic music with its roots in blues, country, jazz and folk. 

A consummate performer who believes that playing and singing are only part of the story, Annie has a stage presence that commands attention and provides a well rounded, entertaining performance that leaves audience keen for more. 


Annie’s musical philosophy :

No-one has to listen, you have to make them want to listen.  You can only do that by performing from the heart, playing music that means something to you and never making your audience feel that they aren’t part of the performance.

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